As graphic designers, we apply our creative prowess over a wide range of disciplines to craft intelligent design solutions that help give your business quality, value and integrity, and make your brand memorable.

What shapes your customer’s first impression? Good Design!

Our talented, tried and tested team has a proven track record of creative and award-winning design projects to their credit, from design for packaging to stationery, from product brochures to promotional leaflets, from vehicle graphics to exhibitions, from newsletters to magazines, from websites to Ecommerce; you name it, Bate have designed it and probably worn the (in-house designed!) t-shirt.

"Bate Brand completely grasped the concept and the scope of each of our projects as they arose. Their flexible and professional approach makes open dialogue extreamly easy and makes the process enjoyable with very rewarding delivery. Even under pressure and time constraints, performance and customer service remain at a high level ."

Mark Lee, Managing Director

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